Apple never lets a chance to amuse its user. Now Apple is back with an updated version of iOS for iPhone incorporating some amazing features. The gleam feature is “Battery Health.” Battery Health (beta) is obtainable in iOS 11.3 and later and now accessible in all the version after iPhone 6.

So what is this new feature and how does it work? As it sounds, Battery Health feature estimates the battery capacity and informs the user about the performance of the battery to its ultimate potential. It also informs the iPhone users about the maximum ability of the charge a battery can deal with. It helps to keep a check on whether the battery is throttled due to reduced battery performance or whether the battery is good to go. To discover the “Battery Health” function in iOS settings, you must have iOS 11.3 or later on an iPhone.

How to keep a check on Battery Health of iPhone?

Here are the detailed instructions for battery health, including charge capacity and performance, on an iPhone:

  1. Select the Setting option on the iPhone
  2. Click “Battery”
  3. Choose “Battery Health”
  4. On the screen, you will have two indicating options: Maximum Capacity” and “Peak Performance Capability”

Right now, performance management might be empowered by the framework on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. iPads are not affected by this throttling as they have considerably greater batteries that take any longer to degrade.

The iOS 11.3 is likewise, more brilliant about the throttling when empowered. Apple says the framework is currently more fine-grained and ‘versatile’. iPhone 8 and iPhone X incorporate new equipment redesigns that enable Apple to apply control administration on interest so throttling on these gadgets will be significantly less observable than on more seasoned iPhones.

“Maximum Capacity” in Battery Health for iPhone

All new iPhone models and new iPhone batteries will start at 100% limit. However, after some time as the battery ages, experiences may charge cycles, and encounter ordinary wear and tear. It may even result in reduced battery capacity by a substantial amount. By and by, the further the number is from 100% most extreme limit, the less accessible battery charge there will be contrasted with when the gadget battery was new.

On the off chance that you see a number under 100% that does not really mean your battery is faulty or not working appropriately. It just means the charge is under 100% of the unique particular.

You can check your iPhone battery cycle tally a similar way you check a MacBook battery cycle tally with system information profiler. You can also utilize an outsider apparatus called Coconut Battery and associate the iPhone to the Mac running that outsider application. As of now, there is no local ability to check for iPhone battery cycle tally that is accessible to the end client, yet maybe that will change in future renditions of Battery Health iOS Settings.

In the event that you are worried about the most extreme limit esteem you see, for any iPhone repair, you can contact Apple or an official Apple Support supplier. They will have some symptomatic tests run on your iPhone battery or substitute it for a few bucks.

“Peak Performance Capability” for iPhone Battery

The “Peak Performance Capability” is the section that informs about any problems with the battery, if they are reducing the iPhone performance. Majorly messages report the user station “Your battery is currently reinforcing normal peak performance.” But there can be also varied messages reporting on the iPhone screen indicating a battery issue.

If the performance of the iPhone is not at peak, the user will receive a message in the particular section stating “Performance management is on” which totally denotes that the device rebooted by its own because of the battery issue. The battery performance section is on limited iPhone models. It may be little older or may throttle reduced performance of a device to avoid crashing or rebooting.

There is a potential chance of receiving the message stating “can’t check battery health,” implying the battery needs service similar to that of Service Battery indicator for the Mac Pc or the iPad. This means that the battery needs to be changed or a checkup by an authorized repair provider from Apple or any iPhone repair center.


It’s probable that any more up to date iPhone will have a flawlessly fine battery with at or close most extreme limit of 100%. And clearly, the more up to date the iPhone, the better shape the battery ought to be. Infrequently, another iPhone could hypothetically have a battery issue and it might appear all things considered in the Battery Health screen.

On the off chance that you don’t see the “Battery Health” segment in iOS Settings, it implies you either don’t have iOS 11.3 or fresher on the iPhone, or it is anything but an iPhone. As specified previously, iPad does not presently bolster the Battery Health highlight.