While it is very easy to think of Windows 7 as an advanced operating system (OS), it actually launched way back in 2009. After just over ten years of support, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 7 after Jan 14, 2020.

That moment will be here faster than you know it. If you still windows 7 users, here is what you’d know about its conclusion of life and your best options for migrating to Windows 10.

Windows End of Life Explained

Windows End of Life Explained

All versions of windows product have 2 vital expiry dates:

  1. End of extended support.
  2. End of mainstream support.

When versions of windows leave mainstream support, the developer no longer updates features for it and warranty claim end. This usually lasts for 5 years after the product’s release date. For the future 5 years, the windows product is in windows 7 extended supports. During this period, users can continue to use windows 7, and developer providing security patches, extended security updates and bug fixes but does not act the operating system with new goodies.

With win 7, Microsoft is actually providing compromise, business who wishes to stick with windows 7 pro or Enterprises can pay the company for extended support until January 2023, thanks to the extended support program.

But this is not cheap: for win 7 professional, it’ll cost up to 350 USD for all 3 years of support. This is much more costly than upgrade to Windows 10 for home users and is just for businesses that cannot migrate yet for whatever reason.

What’ll happen when windows 7 discontinued?

Windows 7 support 2020 would not rapidly break down stop working after 2020. The most vital change is that win 7 OS would not receive any more security patches. Over time, this will lead to Win 7 becoming insecure operating system complete of known security holes that developer would not fix.

One more vital consequence to remember is that eventually, major software will shut support Win 7 OS. We have seen this earlier with Windows XP; mainstream applications like SPOTIFY, MS Office, internet explorer, DROPBOX do not work on Win XP anymore. And you cannot install any advanced browser on Win XP either.

After some time, these similar applications will decide that win 7 is not worth support anymore and this also goes for hardware. We have seen some advanced CPUs fail to work with Win 7, and it’ll only get worse and worse as the platform ages further.

Why migrate to Win 10?

Why migrate to Win 10?

As Win 7 ever closer to its January 14, 2020, Microsoft end of life date, users of Windows 7 have had to weight the decision to install windows or migrate to the new OS. While each migration has its own obstacles and challenges, a move to Win 10 will bring a range of advantages and solid improvements.

Migrating to Win 10 will provide Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 users many major advantages. We’ll outline 5 of the most vital advantages that come with a Win 10 migration.

Extreme Speed

The primary advantage is speed. Of all of the advantages of Win 10, none is instant than improvements in speed. Users used to the slower OS such as Win 8.1 or Win 7 will blow away by the speed of windows 10. Even OS built on speed such as Apple MAC’s OS X; have to compete with Win 10’s start times. Win 10 streamlines the overall startup experience by reducing down on unnecessary startup procedure. The outcome we refreshingly quicker overall users experience.

Windows 10 has entire advanced features

The most recent update to this operating system, the fall creators update, introduced a whole new images application and mixed reality viewer between other new and advanced feature. Larger updates come along around twice a year with tons of new features and best among all, these updates cost nothing.

You can control what comes next

Win 8 was too different from Win 7 and outcome users were not happy. In contrast, Win 10 is based on the outcomes of a wide testing program called the Windows insider program, where windows users give feedback on the features they dislike or like. As an outcome, it is much more user-friendly to anyone who is used to Windows 7 or Windows XP.

Functionality and Usability

Win 10 also brings wide improvements in usability and functionality. Primary and foremost, Win 10 returns to the famous start button, the fame maligned windows start menu is not completely gone through. Instead of opening with this, Win 10 now combines the finest of both consumer experiences. Windows ten opens with a start click, but the key expands to a bigger tile portal. This provides consumers the control and simplicity of start key along with living updates and graphical displays of Windows 8 and 8.1 start tiles.

One more main improvement is a feature of the touch screen. While most users will not use this as their first mode of usage, touch screen feature capabilities are still very much un-doubtable helpful for certain actions. In cell phone and tablet-driven security, much of our connection with the display via touch and Win 10’s touch screen feature allows for users to continue this intuitive experience on their laptops and desktops. After install windows, overall this puts a premium on features, bringing simplicity to the look and user experience.

Solid Security

Finally, Win 10 also keeps up key improvements in security. The Secure Boot functionality from Win 8 received and windows update to even greater security. The secure boot needs that any program starts as the OS starts up needs to be signed off by both OS developer and hardware manufacturer. Security additions with Win 10 make the secure Boot functionality temper proof. Alongside with secure boot, Win 10 also adds main security features such as Microsoft Passport, Device Guard and Windows Hello.

Enhancing your Organization with Windows 10 OS

Any users on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 will receive immediate advantages with migrating to Windows 10. With increased functionality, usability, speed, and safety, Win 10 provides a great transition destination for Win 7 or Win 8.1 users.


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